International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention
Sept 3rd-6th, 2010

Hosted by
Art of Combat, inc.
New Dawn
Duellists Society
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Flower Arranging:Playing with Fiore dei Liberi's Longsword Plays
This class will begin by examining the crossings of the sword, and establishing the all-important why for the tactical choice each play represents. Over the course of the classes, we will cover at least the beginnings of each section of the longsword out of armour (sword in one hand, sword in two hands zogho largo and zogho stretto), and the circumstances in which each of the four crossings shown most naturally occur. By the end, students will be effortlessly choosing the correct play for the circumstances they find themselves in. If time allows, we will also look at some of the less commonly practised plays and see how they fit in the system.
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