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Sept 3rd-6th, 2010

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The Walking Stick in Three Ranges
INSTRUCTORS: Maestro James Loriega

Like the knife, the walking stick was an item common to both the masses and upper classes in Europe.  Like the knife, the walking cane became a substitute for the sword when possession of such edged weapons became restricted to certain members of society. And like the knife, the humble cane inspired the development of personal protection systems to replace the security previously afforded by the noble sword.

This walking stick workshop will provide an introduction to how the cane is used in the three discrete ranges of combat:  1) stick against stick, 2) stick against knife, and 3) stick at extreme close quarters.

Workshop Content

Day 1: Fundamentals

Overview of Western European Cane Systems

Types of Canes and Walking Sticks



Combat Distances

Grip Familiarization Drills


Day 2: Attacks and Defenses

Offensive Techniques

Special Attacks


Defensive Techniques

Counter Strikes


Day 3: Practical Applications

Range 3: Stick Against Stick

Range 2: Stick Against Edged Weapon

Ranges 1: stick at extreme close quarters.

Preemptive Striking

Cane Retention

Ideally, participants will have had prior training in cane or walking stick, as well as a suitable implement to bring to the workshop.
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